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You're in luck! We were able to get our hands on some of the hottest bikes on the market; the new 2021 SE Bikes! These new and fresh bikes are expected to be in stock starting in November / December of this year but you can pre-order them with us now! Get them while you can cause these are expected to go fast!* In stock at the store are so cal flyers, and block flyers, Big rippers have not arrived yet.

*2021 SE Bikes will be available for in-store pickup starting in November / December 2020. Non-refundable deposit required at checkout and then remaining balance to be collected upon pickup.

SE 2021 Blocks flyer

Got blocks!? The 26” Blocks Flyer is the bike to have if you want to raise it up with the crew and catch some blocks. Upgraded this year with a sealed-bearing rear hub, this bike is all about that #SEBIKESLIFE movement.*

SE 2021 Big ripper

The Big Ripper is the original 29” BMX bike and has been the king of the streets for well over a decade. It’s built around a monster-sized PK Ripper-style frame and the spec is top notch, with Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks, double-wall rims, Vee Speedster tires and a new checkerboard padset. If you want to ride the best, ride the Big Ripper!*

SE 2021 So Cal Flyer

SE went berserk this year with a complete makeover of the So Cal Flyer! We have upgrades and added parts galore. New this year are the Big Honkinish cruiser bars, super grippy Flyer seat, Vee Cub x SE tires, and new SE Bikes Life grips equipped with SE donuts. In addition, SE added a set of wheelie pegs and a newly designed SE Bikes Life number plate. The So Cal sets the new standard for 24” wheelie bikes.*